Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blast of Freedom Day 3 - we did it!

Our 2014 quilt show is over, but what a ride!  We showed over 300 quilts, presented six sessions of our bed turning, awarded 28 ribbons, and I lost track of how many door prizes were won!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with this project in any way.  Our sponsors, contributors, quilters, committees, publicists, local businesses, Chamber of Commerce, spouses/family members, neighbors of members, and everyone who traveled to Sedro-Woolley to enjoy the show!

We have more photos and tidbits to put on the blog, which will be added over the next few days. 

Number crunching is being done, boutique payouts are under way, stuff is being returned to the folks who loaned it, and the two quilt show buildings are clean!

Our wrap-up meeting is on Wednesday, June 18th.  At 5:30 p.m. at the Home Town CafĂ©. 

Please know that you are all appreciated in the best possible way. 

Bookmark this web site for more information about Woolley Fiber Quilters activities (especially that spontaneous flash mob parade next March) and for information about our quilt show in 2015!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blast of Freedom - Day 2 was full of fun!

Day 2 is over but what a day!  Lots of quilt appreciators came to see our show, and enjoyed the Blast from the Past street fair!  Did you know there are pony rides?  Gotta love a street fair with pony rides.

Both performances of our bed turning were SRO!  Londa and her committee put on a great show - we not only have vintage bed quilts to show you but DOLL QUILTS, too!  This town is full of great vintage pieces and we are so grateful that their owners share the quilts with us.  Two more showings tomorrow - 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Come a little early to get a seat!

Our beautiful raffle quilt, "Grandmother's Charm" (shown here as the bed header) was WON at the 4 p.m. drawing!  Photos to follow. 

Our visitors and vendors from out of town have been commenting on what fun we have together here in Sedro-Woolley!  It's true.  The street fair was bustling with folks and the contests at Hammer Heritage Square had lots of fans and competitors.  David Bricka (Country Meadow Village activities director) is once again the overall champion in the adult jump rope division.  He says that his secret to success is bacon!  Well, he had it for breakfast today.  And the competitor who had a protein smoothie for breakfast did not win.  Just think about it.

Lots of plants from Thompson's Nursery were purchased today - saw folks walking by with arms full.  And our own Heather Rogers from Machine Quilting Experience bought a massive fuchsia hanging basket. 

The Blast of Freedom quilt show member boutique is still full of great quilted items for you to consider.  Looking for a small quilt for a favorite little one?  

We have also unveiled the new WFQ raffle quilt - which will be WON in June 2015!  At our next quilt show!  We plan ahead.  Come and see it and get your tickets early!

Tomorrow - Sunday - is the Blast from the Past vintage car show.  If you love vintage cars, this will be the place for you!  Weather will be perfect.  And if you love quilts, we're right here to welcome you to Blast of Freedom!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Blast of Freedom - Day 1 comes to a close

What a great day at the quilt show!  We opened early - about 10 minutes to 10 a.m.  And we had quilt appreciators waiting to get in!  Thanks for the huge enthusiasm we experienced for our show today.  Some said it was our "best show ever"!  Well, we think they're all good!  But with 300+ quilts to show you, we are really proud of this one.

Here are some more "snippets" to whet your quilting appetite.  Start planning to visit us tomorrow!

D-Day commemoration at Blast from the Past

Charlotte Furchert's beautiful quilt was featured in the procession during Blast from the Past's D-Day commemoration today.  Thanks to the veterans who gave us so much, thanks to those who serve today, and thanks to those who recognize them.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blast of Freedom - Special exhibit of art quilts representing Skagit County

Here is only ONE of the special exhibits we have for you to enjoy - a great multi-artist piece representing Skagit County and our Skagit River!  So much to see in this piece and its companion piece.  Be sure to find it at the 810 Metcalf building!!

Find your way - to Blast of Freedom!! Use your GPS!

Are you a techno-quilter?  Then you probably need the GPS coordinates for our quilt show locations!! 

810 Metcalf Street
N 48 degrees 30.239'
W 122 degrees 14.321'

903A Metcalf Street
N 48 degrees 30.187'
W 122 degrees 14.306'


Blast of Freedom - news release

Members of the Woolley Fiber Quilters are preparing for the upcoming “Blast of Freedom” quilt show, June 6-7-8 in downtown Sedro-Woolley.  At this fifth annual show, local quilters expect to exhibit 300 quilts, including quilts made to be donated to local veterans’ quilt organizations. 

The popular “bed turning” presentation will return, which highlights vintage quilts in both bed size and doll size. 

The show also features quilt supply vendors, a member boutique, demonstrations, a raffle quilt, and a large variety of quilts for viewing and inspiration.

“This is a quilting town,” said Judy Johnson, WFQ president.  “There are lots of quilting groups in Sedro-Woolley and lots of individual quilters.  We love to come together once a year and show what we have been creating!”

One of only four non-juried quilt shows in Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and Snohomish counties during 2014, the Woolley Fiber Quilters show strives to be a true “community” quilt show with fun for everyone. 

From its inception in 2010, the quilt show was specifically paired with Sedro-Woolley’s premier summer kickoff event, “Blast from the Past”.  “It’s a great match in terms of traditional activities and in making sure that there is something for everyone during the event weekend,” said Johnson.  “We always have visitors from all over Washington state, Lower BC, and beyond.” 

The group selects a theme for each year, and so far has used the “Blast of” tag for each show.  “Blast of Freedom” will celebrate citizenship and everything red, white, and blue.  Quilts associated with the theme will be assigned to the “theme” category; other categories are determined by quilt size and age of the quilter.  As in previous years, attendees are invited to vote for their favorites in each category and the most popular quilts will be awarded ribbons on Saturday afternoon. 

Some local quilters have made quilts specifically to donate to local chapters of the Quilts of Valor or American Hero Quilts organizations.  These quilts will be displayed in the “theme” category and then will go on to be awarded to a veteran. More information about both organizations will be available at the show. 

Quilting is one of the most popular pastimes in the USA; New Track Media, a publisher of several quilting magazines, commissions an annual study called Quilting In America.  Most recently, the survey identified 21.3 million US quilters who spend about $3.5 billion annually on their hobby. 

“Blast of Freedom” coincides with festival hours:  Friday and Saturday, 10 – 6 and Sunday, 10 – 4.  Locations this year are at 903A Metcalf Street (formerly Curves) and 810 Metcalf Street (formerly Holland Drug).  “We are extremely grateful to Pat Farrell and Jerry Willins, who have made a downtown show possible again this year by allowing us to use their buildings,” emphasized Johnson.  “We are also indebted to Bobi Kelley, as she allows Cascade Fabrics to be the hub for show activities.”  Other major sponsors are Country Meadow Village, Machine Quilting Experience, Threadmongers, and the family of Dean and Barbara Gregory. 

Bed-Turning - one of the highlights of Blast of Freedom!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. we will host our popular bed-turning exhibit.

Delicious vintage quilts in bed size and doll bed size will be presented for your viewing, complete with provenance and block history.  Have you ever seen a bed-turning at a quilt show?  It's time to experience one!

See you at 810 Metcalf in Downtown Sedro-Woolley!

Blast of Freedom is ready! See you at 10 a.m. Friday!


We tackled all those quilts this morning and made them into a huge quilt show!  With the quilt submissions plus two special exhibits, we have over 300 quilts for you to enjoy! 
In the former Holland Drug building we have five vendors, a member boutique, two special exhibits, the bed-turning, and a LOT of quilts!
In the former Curves building we have all of the "large" category and "theme" category quilts.  And we had to CRAM to get them all in!  You will be amazed.
THANKS THANKS THANKS to our crew for a long hard day's worth of work.  They made a beautiful show!  We are so excited to share quilts and quilting with you!
So plan to attend Blast of Freedom - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Come on out and explore downtown Sedro-Woolley during Blast from the Past!
Here are some tidbits to whet your quilting appetite!


Blast of Freedom - retrieving and setting up the quilt stands!

We rent our quilt stands from the Fidalgo Island Quilters and we retrieve them from storage in Anacortes on the day before set-up day.  One of the nice things about having five years of experience with quilt shows is that we have a plan!  And we have process improvements! 

These fine WFQ members and fine recruits loaded up the stands in Anacortes and brought them to Sedro-Woolley on Wednesday.  And assembled everything!  There were actually more workers than this on the receiving end.  Thanks to everyone!



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blast of Freedom 2014 - set up week!

The festivities have begun!  We had a great quilt  turn-in day on Tuesday, June 3rd, with loads of WONDERFUL quilts for the show!  Such a privilege to be able to display them all this weekend.  Plan to come!