Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blast of Freedom Day 3 - we did it!

Our 2014 quilt show is over, but what a ride!  We showed over 300 quilts, presented six sessions of our bed turning, awarded 28 ribbons, and I lost track of how many door prizes were won!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with this project in any way.  Our sponsors, contributors, quilters, committees, publicists, local businesses, Chamber of Commerce, spouses/family members, neighbors of members, and everyone who traveled to Sedro-Woolley to enjoy the show!

We have more photos and tidbits to put on the blog, which will be added over the next few days. 

Number crunching is being done, boutique payouts are under way, stuff is being returned to the folks who loaned it, and the two quilt show buildings are clean!

Our wrap-up meeting is on Wednesday, June 18th.  At 5:30 p.m. at the Home Town Café. 

Please know that you are all appreciated in the best possible way. 

Bookmark this web site for more information about Woolley Fiber Quilters activities (especially that spontaneous flash mob parade next March) and for information about our quilt show in 2015!!

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