Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blast of Freedom is ready! See you at 10 a.m. Friday!


We tackled all those quilts this morning and made them into a huge quilt show!  With the quilt submissions plus two special exhibits, we have over 300 quilts for you to enjoy! 
In the former Holland Drug building we have five vendors, a member boutique, two special exhibits, the bed-turning, and a LOT of quilts!
In the former Curves building we have all of the "large" category and "theme" category quilts.  And we had to CRAM to get them all in!  You will be amazed.
THANKS THANKS THANKS to our crew for a long hard day's worth of work.  They made a beautiful show!  We are so excited to share quilts and quilting with you!
So plan to attend Blast of Freedom - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Come on out and explore downtown Sedro-Woolley during Blast from the Past!
Here are some tidbits to whet your quilting appetite!


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