Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Embellished quilts

If you're a fan of dense quilting and intense embellishment, you loved these two quilts from the WFQ show! Linda Downing's lovingly embellished crazy quilt and Sharyn Erickson's lavishly created tree quilt. Both perfect and fascinating!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Two quilt show statistics and two beautiful quilts

Many of you know that we had a "preliminary final count". The "final final count" is:

Blast of Blooms had 208 quilts in the show (exhibit portion)
We had a total of 730 attendees (including volunteers).

Here are the two GREAT One-Block-Wonder quilts that were seen in the show!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

By request - Summertime Blues!

So many people have commented on the Challenge Quilts at the Woolley Fibers Quilt Show! Everyone loves the pattern!

The group that meets at the SW Rodeo Grounds challenged themselves with this quilt. Londa reports that it is fun to make and we all certainly enjoyed the results! So we asked for the source of the pattern.

"Summertime Blues" appeared in the June 2009 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, starting on page 37. Here is a link to their online version - showing color options and instructions for the a wall-hanging size:

I think I'll start on mine!

Dog quilts and a Dawg quilt

Here are some more memories of the Woolley Fiber Quilters show - dogs (and even Dawgs) were a popular theme!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quilt Show memories

Here are some photos taken from the mezzanine in the Farrell Building (formerly JC Penney and Jungquist Furniture) during the quilt show. What fun to see them from above!

I can't tell you how many people mentioned to me...that they had purchased "unmentionables" on that mezzanine during the old JC Penney days. People were so happy to see the building in such good condition and in use for something as beautiful as a quilt show! Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day three - winding down!

What a fun show we have had! With so many appreciative attendees and great weather - until today! Well, what better day to go to a quilt show than when it is raining! And in Washington, we plan for these things.

Here are three of our daily door prize winners, looking happy about their wins! We had many more prizes and winners than these - only these three people would stand still!

Should we Blast some quilts again next year? The consensus is, YES!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day two - the people have spoken!

What a great day to be at the Woolley Fibers Quilt show! In downtown Sedro-Woolley among the vintage cars, street vendors, jump rope contests, and everything!

Our People's Choice voting ran all day Friday and on Saturday through 3:00 p.m., giving all quilt show attendees an opportunity to select their favorites in five categories.

In addition, guest celebrity judges (using a broad definition of "celebrity") selected their favorites, too, for a special prize. Here are the winners!

WFQ People’s Choice winners

Small Quilts – less than 200” in circumference

1st Julie Anderson, Sedro-Woolley “View from Assisi”
2nd Karen Chestnut, Mount Vernon “Red Star Exploding”
3rd Julie Anderson, Sedro-Woolley “Sparkling Vases”

Large Quilts – greater than 200” in circumference

1st Sharyn Erickson, Mount Vernon “His Trees Through Mine Eyes”
2nd Jan Shuirman, Sedro-Woolley “The Tree of Life”
3rd Jennifer Chatt, Issaquah “All Tied Up”

Theme Quilts – “Blast of Blooms” (use of flowers)

1st Jan Sager, Mount Vernon “Garden Path”
2nd Londa Schultz, Sedro-Woolley “Summer Time Blues”
3rd Leola Stomieroski, Camano Island “Summer Times

Other – Wearables, table runners, aprons, purses, etc.

1st Peggy Toyne, Sedro-Woolley “Embellished Jacket”
2nd Teri Bever, Sedro-Woolley “House Coat”
3rd Charlotte Furchert, Sedro-Woolley “Chevron Jacket”

Youth – quilters under 18 years of age

1st Katie Swanson, Lyman “I made it for my Boy Friend”
2nd Caleb Berhow, Sedro-Woolley “My First Quilt”
3rd Naomi Stanfill, Sedro-Woolley “Crazy Quilt for Linus”

Celebrity Guest Judge Awards – each picked a personal favorite

Jina Williams, S-W Chamber of Commerce selected
Judy Steen, Bow “Rose Quilt”

Rick Lemley, S-W City Council selected
Jan Schuirman, Sedro-Woolley “The Tree of Life”

Brian Stiles, S-W Municipal Court selected
Norma Cook, Sedro-Woolley “Flower Garden”

Thanks to everyone for their participation and support! See you tomorrow for day three!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day one - Show is a success!

Our first day is over! And what a great day it was! So many from the community coming to find their quilts and their friends' quilts! And those who came to learn about quilting and why they should do it!
We appreciate their great enthusiasm and hope to see many more tomorrow. SWAN bike ride, vintage car show, street vendors, sidewalk sales, and so much more are happening tomorrow in Downtown Sedro-Woolley!


This is it! Quilt show day is here! Two hours until opening!

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and their friends for yesterday's remarkable setup process. The show is amazing and we filled every square foot with quilts, vendors, demos, our boutique, and a few surprises.

And thanks to our wonderful local quilters who submitted OVER 200 fabulous quilts for your viewing pleasure! We know you'll love it!

Get ready for Blast of Blooms!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quilt Show Setup!

Today is the day that we fill the Farrell Building with beautiful quilts and exciting vendors! All happening now! We are 24.5 hours away from show opening. We know you'll want to come and see us in Downtown Sedro-Woolley!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilt Drop-Off Day details!

Our long day of accepting show entries was worth every minute! We have over 200 quilts in the show, exceeding our objective. Here, CJ adds some last minute binding to her quilt (don't tell her I did the same thing) and Teri measures an entry. If you're not a part of the quilt show committee, you're missing half the fun!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quilt Drop-Off Day

Quilt drop-off day was busy and a great success! When you see our show, you'll be so impressed with the variety and talent of our local quilters! It's always fun to see what others have been working on and, of course, to get ideas for your own quilting!
We enjoyed working with all the happy quilters who dropped by at Cascade Fabrics to fulfill their registrations for the show. Quilters of all ages were there!
What a big weekend we have planned for you in downtown Sedro-Woolley!