Monday, March 28, 2016

Blast of Baskets 2016! Artwork revealed!

Once again, our extraordinary artist, Gary Daum, has captured the fun, frenzy, and Technicolor of QUILTING!!  He gets us. 

Our quilter (whom we have named "Pippi") drives a quilter's pickup truck filled with baskets, flowers, and quilt blocks.  Thanks, Gary!  Blast of Baskets is coming and this image will be our signature for posters, postcards, and our Internet presence!

Monday, March 21, 2016

SSNQDFMP - Flash Mob Parade for National Quilting Day!

Yes!  We had our annual Super Spontaneous National Quilting Day Flash Mob Parade in downtown Sedro-Woolley!!  To celebrate National Quilting Day and to give folks a heads up on our Blast of Baskets Quilt Show coming up June 3-4-5!!

The downtown core is nice and compact - so we can easily cover all of the territory and make it back to Cascade Fabrics for the grand finale!

National Quilting Day always deserves a parade, don't you agree?

Thanks, Charlotte Furchert,
for spearheading this fun event again!