Thursday, April 2, 2020

WFQ show cancelled for 2020 - sadly

Quilters and friends, 
The venue we use for our wonderful annual quilt show has advised us that they will not be able to provide Cascade Middle School for us this year.  Their decision is a direct result of the COVID-19 virus and its ramifications for school districts everywhere. 

So we are in the process of cancelling our 2020 show.  There will be a lot of information for you about this over the next few weeks.  It is likely that we will carry our theme over to 2021.

Please come back and visit our blog page often!  We're working on ideas for other, smaller events that will allow quilters to gather and show off our creations.  We love to share!

In the meantime, our quilting community is busy making fabric face masks to meet the needs of local medical facilities and others.  We are making MANY!!

Thanks for your interest and support.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Looking ahead to our 2020 quilt show!

Our 2020 theme is "Under the Sea' and we have a lot of fishy quilts under construction!  Plus some creative ideas...

We are also planning a "Rainbow Challenge" category!  Gosh, if it wasn't for the rainbow, all of our quilts would be black, white, gray, and beige.  So let's celebrate color!

Our 2020 Featured Quilter is Teri Bever and she will astound you with her body of work. 

And, of course, we'll have the popular BED TURNING!!

So mark these dates on your calendar and get ready to visit Sedro-Woolley for some quilting fun!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Our winners!

We should list "all" the quilts and entrants on this page because we think they're ALL winners!
But the People's Choice Ballots have been tabulated and these are the quilts that caught the People's eye!  There were 218 quilts eligible for voting.
Thanks to all who entered and voted!

Judge’s Choice – Country Meadow Village

Marie Biladeau, La Conner             
S1509 – The Huntress-Ursus Horri            

Judge’s Choice – Cristine Cameron

Virginia Thogersen, Sedro-Woolley                       
L3002 – Farm Girl Barns                             

Judge’s Choice – Julia Johnson

Dianne Lowe, Burlington                                         
008 – African Log Cabin                         

Extra Large Category
1st – Diane Lowe, Burlington                       
G4009 – Stars for Sharon                           

2nd – Jahr Huber, Mount Vernon                            
G4012 – Crown Jewels                               

3rd – Grace Hawley, Arlington         
G4010 – Tahitian Ginger                             

HM – Lyne Olson, Mount Vernon                           
G4016 – Sharon’s Quilt                               

Large Category
1st – Dianne Lowe, Burlington                                 
L3019 – Friendship Remembered             

2nd – Norma Cook, Sedro-Woolley                         
L3012 – Sundress                                       

3rd – Renee Swanson, Lyman                    
L3017 – Puddle Jumper                              

HM – Mary Ann Musgrove. La Conner                  
L3014 – Asian Inspiration                            

Medium Category
1st – Noni Moody, Sedro-Woolley                          
M2016 – My Pyramid Peak             

2nd – Marie Biladeau, La Conner                            
M2013 – Lure of the Abyss                         

3rd – Louise James, Anacortes                               
M2039 – Birds of Cairo                                

HM – Renee Swanson, Lyman                  
M2030 – Aunt Grace                                   

Small Category
1st – Dianne Lowe, Burlington                                 
S1521 – Peaceful Water   

2nd – Lori Stiles, Lyman                               
S1511 – United Neighborhood                   

3rd – Judy Steen, Bow                           
S1515 – Loa & Olive                                    

HM – Jahr Huber, Mount Vernon                           
S1536 – Curly Willow Still Life                    

Extra Small Category
1st – Noni Moody, Sedro-Woolley                          
X1003 – Bees in the Daisies    

2nd – Jennifer Adams , Sedro-Woolley                   
X1002 - Wash Day                                       

3rd – Joy Eberly, Mount Vernon                              
X1001 – Home Sweet Home                      

HM – Christina See, Rockport                                
X1005 – Words, Words, Words                  

Theme Category (United We Stand)
1st – Natalie Hunskor, Mount Vernon                                 
T6005 – United We Stand Quilters 

2nd – Bonita Yeager, Concrete                                            
T6002 – United We Stand                           

3rd – Beverly Krasselt, Mount Vernon                                
T6001 – The Reindeer Gang                      

HM – Barbara Dahl, Bellingham                                         
T6004 – Seattle Stars                                  

Patriotic Category
1st – Maggie Radliff, Sedro-Woolley                                              
P8505 – Stars and Wiggly Stripes        

2nd – Linda Downing, Springdale WA                                             
P8501 – Honor Our Vietnam Veterans
Note:  Linda is a founding member of WFQ          

3rd – Raychelle Stern , Mount Vernon                                
P8504 – American Hero Quilt                     

HM – Bonnie Harp, Bellingham                                          
P8501 – Mount Rushmore                          

Holiday Category
1st – Jan Schuirman, Sedro-Woolley                                             
H5004 – Snowmen A-Z                 

2nd – Renee Swanson, Lyman                               
H5005 – Vintage Christmas                        

3rd – Norma Cook, Sedro-Woolley                                     
H5003 - Christmas 1968                             

HM – Dianne Lowe. Burlington                                           
H5006 – Christmas Waves                         

Challenge Category (It’s a Bug’s Life)
1st – Pat Jacobsen, Sedro-Woolley                                    
C8002 – Dance of the Dragonflies   

2nd – Bonnie Taylor, Sedro-Woolley                                              
C8010 – A Quilt for Bugsy                          

3rd – Jacque Chase, La Conner                                         
C8013 – God’s Treasure in the Garden    

HM – Judy Johnson, Sedro-Woolley                                             
C8006 – Skagit Valley Honeybees            

Youth Category
1st – Maddie Wickham, Mount Vernon                               
Y7001 – Peacock Explosion
Note:  Maddie is the winner of the sewing machine provided
By sponsor Quilting Foxes              

2nd – Brooke Ryan, Sedro-Woolley                                    
Y7009 – Sophia                                            

3rd – Brooke Ryan, Sedro-Woolley                                     
Y7008 – Avenge the Fallen                         

HM – Jessica Torset, Sedro-Woolley                                            
Y7005 – Youth Sewing Project                   

Other Category
1st – Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                                     
O9003 – Freddie the Peacock                    

2nd – Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                                    
O9002 – Spring                                            

3rd – Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                                     
O9007 – LaGarade Dia do los Muerto       

HM – Judy Garrison, Sedro-Woolley                                             
O9001 – Messenger Bag                            

Fiber Arts Category
1st – Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                                     
F7508 – Entwined Shoulder Shawl      

2nd – Lonnie Keown, Sedro-Woolley                                              
F7501 – Untitled                                           

3rd – Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                                     
F7506 – Suede and Ribbon Shawl            

HM – Noni Moody, Sedro-Woolley                                    
F7502 – Fishy, Fishy            

Monday, July 15, 2019

Memories of our 2019 Bed Turning!

Our Bed Turnings are the best!  Teri Bever does some quilt history and trivia, as well as telling the story of each vintage quilt.  Two "turnings" per day at the show and most are SRO.

Her Turning Team, Noni and Linda, are now synchronized for life!

So take this photographic stroll down memory lane and remember that next year we'll do a new set of great quilts!

Volunteers - we love them!

Here are a FEW, and I mean a FEW of the volunteers that we had at the United We Stand quilt show.  Our volunteer count is usually about 75!  Quilters and non-quilters!!  Everyone loves a great quilt show and these are the folks who make it happen.  Be kind to them this week as they rest up!

Our raffle quilt has a new home!

After a year of enjoying our beautiful, glowing raffle quilt, we have randomly drawn a winning ticket and the winner is Rogene Seidel of Sedro-Woolley!  So nice to have a local winner.  The traditional block we used is the "weathervane" block with an innovative color combination and "on point" setting.  It was well-loved and appreciated by all and we are so happy that Rogene was able to come and pick it up on Sunday and tell us about the place she has for it in her home.  Congratulations to her and thanks to everyone for buying tickets and supporting Woolley Fiber Quilters!

Jennifer Adams draws the winning ticket!

Kimberly Russell makes the call!

Kimberly awards the quilt!

Congratulations to Rogene!

Featured Artist - Louise Harris

Many thanks to our Featured Artist this weekend - Louise Harris - who shared her widely acclaimed work with us!  Louise has received both national and international recognition for her innovative piecing style and masterful use of color.  These are a few of the quilts she brought for us and she spent a lot of time with her admirers discussing art quilting.  We are so lucky to have her in our local community of quilters!