Saturday, December 1, 2018

2019 Raffle Quilt - "United We Stand"

The Woolley Fiber Quilters have created this amazing raffle quilt for 2019!  The drawing will be Saturday, July 13th at our annual quilt show in Sedro-Woolley.

Tickets on sale now!  And when you get that 2019 calendar for Christmas, mark the dates July 12-13-14 because you'll be at the quilt show!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shades of the Northwest - memories of our bed turning!

We are still enjoying the memories of our wonderful quilt show.  Such a rich source of inspiration! 

And in many ways, we owe it all to those who came before us,  making amazing quilts with amazing stories out of what they had on hand.  Ideas and patterns passed one to another on bits of paper and cardboard cereal boxes.  We appreciate their determination and vow to pass on their legacy!

With that in mind, we have a "bed turning" every year at the Woolley Fiber Quilters show with vintage quilts and their histories.  Teri Bever, quilt historian extraordinaire, leads the team and creates a narrative for each quilt.  Here are photos from this year's showing (two per day at 11 and 2), ably assisted by Linda Stearns and Noni Moody.  It might be the most popular event at our show! 

Thanks for the education and the visual candy.  Be sure to see our bed turning in 2019 when WFQ celebrates its tenth quilt show! 

The team!  Noni, Teri, Linda.

Ready to show.

Love those vintage palettes.

Hexies are back in style! 

Teri crafts the histories.

Blazing Star is known by many names

Sunbonnet Sue is timeless!

Utility quilt owned by a child separated from their family.

Just for fun, crocheted granny squares - we also find this pattern in quilting!

See?  Granny square quilt blocks!

Shades of the Northwest - 2018.
Oops, missed the butterfly quilt.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"Shades of the Northwest" quilt show winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered - we had so many fabulous quilts!  Over 300 quilts were exhibited with 261 eligible for People's Choice Voting.  And the People have spoken!  Here is our list of winners with a few photos - more photos coming soon.

Woolley Fiber Quilters 2018 quilt show “Shades of the Northwest” winners


Place   Entrant                                               Entry name

Category:  Fiber Art
1st           Linda Smith, Mount Vernon                         Fish
2nd          Carol Addington, Burlington                        Blessing Dress
3rd           Teri Bever, Sedro-Woolley                           Dragon Flies in my Garden
HM         Teri Bever, Sedro-Woolley                           Kinda Bad Socks

Category:  Extra Large
1st           Judy Hutchings, Concrete                             Mom’s Star
2nd          Virginia Learned, Sedro-Woolley               Dresden Sampler
3rd           Virginia Thogersen, Mount Vernon          Tree of Life
HM         Anna Shepler, Sedro-Woolley                     Stained Glass
HM         Della Ward, Richland                                       Dear Jane 30’s
HM         Della Ward, Richland                                       Dear Jane Civil War
HM         Jennifer Adams, Sedro-Woolley                 A little bit of this
HM         Jan Schuirman, Sedro-Woolley                   Bethlehem Star

Category:  Holiday
1st          Chris Horner, Anacortes                                Merry Christmas
2nd          Roxanne Freberg, Sedro-Woolley             Merry Merry Snowmen
3rd           Noni Moody, Sedro-Woolley                      My Nativity
HM         Judy Hutchings, Concrete                             Candy Cane Lane

Category:  Large
1st           Mary Ann Musgrove, La Conner                 Soaring with Friends
2nd          Dianne Lowe, Burlington                               Winding Ways
3rd           Dianne Lowe, Burlington                               Anna’s Foxes
HM         Judy Steen, Bow                                               Vintage Valentine
HM         Sharylann Zylstra, Lynden                             Block of the Month
HM         Deb Kanske, Mount Vernon                        Black Starburst
HM         Anna Shepler, Sedro-Woolley                     Sunbonnet Sue
HM         Kay Streeter, Sedro-Woolley                       Helping Hands
Category:  Medium
1st           Grace Hawley, Arlington                                Nursery Rhyme
2nd          Judith Hitt,                                                          Baltimore Lessons
3rd           Della Ward, Richland                                       Insomnia
HM         Della Ward, Richland                                       Wild Hare Moon Dance
HM         Judy Irish, Arlington                                        Geese in the Garden

Category:  Patriotic
1st           Dianne Lowe, Burlington                               Stars for Dan
2nd          Chris Horner, Anacortes                                Freedom
3rd           Virginia Learned, Sedro-Woolley               Scrappy Betsy Ross
HM         Mary Ann Musgrove, La Conner                 Stars and Stripes

Category:  Small
1st           Judith Hitt, Freeland                                       Birtie
2nd          Julie Anderson, Sedro-Woolley                  Star in a Star
3rd           Donna Carley, Blaine                                       Quilting the Bottom of the Sea
HM         Dory Miller, Sequim                                        House on Fire
HM         Barbara Dahl, Bellingham                              Ombre Dresden Houses

Category:  Theme “Shades of the Northwest”
1st          Natalie Hunskor, Big lake                             Natalie’s Northwest
2nd          Dianne Lowe, Burlington                               Washington Waters
3rd           Donna Carley, Blaine                                       Seattle Dreamin’
HM         Kris Bulcroft, Bellingham                               Kumugwe’s Kingdom

Category:  Extra Small
1st           Pat Jacobsen, Sedro-Woolley                      Pansy Pineapple
2nd          Grace Hawley, Arlington                                Victorian Rose
3rd           Donna Carley, Blaine                                       Celebration Times Two
HM         Pat Jacobsen, Sedro-Woolley                      Autumn Leaves
Category:  Youth
1st           Molly Collins, Bellingham                              Fabric Frenzy
2nd          Alister Gardner, Anacortes                          Aleece is the Best Baby Ever
3rd           Marcie Bishop, Sedro-Woolley                   Miss Wanda’s Pretties
HM         Marcie Bishop, Sedro-Woolley                   Hello Kitty Quilt
HM         Marcie Bishop, Sedro-Woolley                   Blue Meow Quilt
HM         Marcie Bishop, Sedro-Woolley                   Marcie’s Meow
HM         Marcie Bishop, Sedro-Woolley                   Blue Meow and Puppy

Category:  Other
1st           Judy Garrison, Sedro-Woolley                    Camden Bag
2nd          Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                      Flora Dora doll
3rd           Carol Walker, Sedro-Woolley                      Senorita de Diadelos Muertos doll
HM         Dianne Lowe, Burlington                               Flower

Judge’s Choice
Selected by Denny Fox, Quilting Foxes
                Judy Johnson, Sedro-Woolley                     Sunbonnet Mew

Selected by Kris Norton, Fabric Fix
                Judy Steen, Bow                                               Quilting Witches

Selected by Judy Johnson, Threadmongers
                Donna Bybee, Bellingham                            Strawberries

261 total entries for consideration
All photos by Gary Moody of Sedro-Woolley.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Shades of the Northwest - our fine vendors!

Quilters need supplies!  And we need ready made gifts!  And sharp tools!

Come see our selection of vendors and shop, shop, shop! 

1.  Featherweight Rx - one of your long time favorites for fabric and Featherweights.

2.  Quilting Foxes - beautiful Asian inspired designs and fabrics.

3.  Threadmongers - all the threads quilters crave!

4.  Seminole Patchwork partnered with Fabric D'eva - totes, patterns for mini's, acrylic rulers, and some surprises!

5.  Little Lucille's Craft Cottage - ready made gifts and accessories.

6.  Londa Schultz - quilts and pressing surfaces.

7.  The Fabric Fix - says it all!  You need fabric!

8.  Butch Stearns - it's time for you to get those knives and scissors sharpened!  Drop them off early in the day and Butch will have them ready for you!

Shades of the Northwest - Sunday is a great day to come!

Day two is complete at Shades of the Northwest and what a day it was! 

Two more bed turnings - and we'll have showings on Sunday at 11 and 2, conclusion of the People's Choice voting, drawing for our beautiful raffle quilt, reveal of our NEW raffle quilt, shopping, friends meeting up, creative inspiration, and so much more!

You have another day to come and experience the whirlwind of Shades of the Northwest!  Please come Sunday!  Our hours today are 10 to 4 and we are so ready to show you how much FUN quilting and fiber arts can be. 

Our Woolley Fiber Quilters Boutique is full of great handmade items ready for gift-giving, or to spoil yourself!

Come on in and see which quilts were the People's Choice in our fun categories.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Shades of the Northwest - a great first day!

Thanks to all the quilt appreciators who came to see us today!  They came early and kept coming all day; we were happy to see them!

A fun day of inspiration and enthusiasm for quilting.  Have you tried it?  You'll love it!

Speaking of inspiration, come and meet our first ever Featured Quilter, Judy Steen!  She is amazing and makes so many beautiful quilts that we knew you would love to see her work featured at Shades of the Northwest. 

We have lots of fun things to show you.  Gather up a few friends and come on Saturday.  Doors open at 10 and we'll be ready!

Shades of the Northwest - we are ready!

After a second full day of preparation, we are ready for you!

A large and focused team of folks hung our show yesterday - we assembled our boutique, staged the bed turning, and the vendors came in and displayed their wares!

What a fun experience with quilters, quilt appreciators, friends, and spouses.  If you are not part of a quilting group in your area, you should be!  And Woolley Fiber Quilters always has room for more!


Come to our show!  We invite you to see what comes from the hearts and needles of our very talented exhibitors.  It's showtime!