Saturday, September 5, 2015

2016 quilt show - you guessed it - our theme is Blast of Baskets!

We normally select a theme for the next year, AFTER the current year's show.  Technically, we did that this year...

But there was no doubt that our 2016 theme would be "Blast of Baskets"!

This theme has taken on a life of its own, and people were making basket quilts even before the 2015 show was over!!

So get your best basket blocks on and let's have a knockout show AGAIN in 2016.  Just wait until you see the great quilt show we will put together for you.  The bed turning and new raffle quilt are both already being planned and begun.  Can you believe it? 

Blast of Baskets - 2016 raffle quilt!

Hey, Woolley Fiber Quilters! We were awarded a Best of Class ribbon on our fabulous raffle quilt for 2016, Blast of Baskets!! Skagit County Fair loves us!  The quilt is available for viewing at Cascade Fabrics, along with the raffle tickets!!

Blast of Freedom - raffle quilt winner!

Here's a GREAT photo of our 2015 raffle quilt winner - Renee Ackron of Camano!  Jahr Huber had the fun job of taking the quilt to her and seeing her reaction! Congrats to her and thanks for supporting Woolley Fiber Quilters!!