Sunday, June 2, 2013

Woolley Fiber Quilters will barely know what to do with no quilt show next weekend...wait! We do know what to do! We'll be making quilts for next year! 
THANKS A MILLION TIMES to the dedicated members, friends, relatives, volunteers, and draftees for executing all the tasks necessary for Blast of Bubbles! Special thanks to Cascade Fabrics for accepting all of the quilts that were not picked up this evening, for later distribution. 
We appreciate everyone who entered a quilt, worked a shift, or attended the show! We love our vendors, our sponsors, and our fans far and near. And we especially appreciate those quilt-lovers who came to Sedro-Woolley from out of town to enjoy our show and Blast from the Past. With the I-5 bridge outage we didn't know what to expect. But this was a GREAT show. 
Data and more photos to follow in later posts. You knew there would be data, from an Excel geek like me. 

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