Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The People have chosen!

Here are the winners of the People's Choice awards in the seven categories at Blast of Bubbles! 


Category        Place                    Winner                                                              City
Large                1st                        Susanne Robertson                            Mount Vernon
                                                     “Dragon Patch I” 89 x 89

                          2nd                       Sharyn Erickson                                 Mount Vernon
                                                       “Multi Starburst” 115 x 115

                         3rd                        Norma Cook                                      Sedro-Woolley
                                                      “Happy Hauntings” 58 x 69                          

Small              1st                 Patty Christison                                        Sedro-Woolley
                                            “Basket of Hydrangeas” 24.5 x 29

                       2nd                Patty Christison                                        Sedro-Woolley  
                                            “Just A Little Baltimore” 33.5 x 33.5

                       3rd                 Patty Christison (made for Shirley Smith)  Sedro-Woolley
                                             “The Smith House” 32 x 26

 Youth          1st                  Sophia Martin     age 7 ½                              Mount Vernon
                                           “Flutterbug” 70.5 x 93

                     2nd                 Orion Otero        age 9                                  Mount Vernon
                                           “Monopoly” 45 x 61

                     3rd                  Katie Swanson    age 17                              Lyman
                                           “Yes, Spencer, you can make a quilt out of flannel” 68 x 80

Theme           1st                  Eleanor Reid                                                Lyman
                                            “Susan’s Dresden Garden” 81 x 81
                      2nd                 Suzanne Robertson                                      Mount Vernon
                                            “Cam’s Circles” 78 x 102

                      3rd                 Teri Peth                                                        Mount Vernon
                                            “Best Wishes” 92 x 92

Challenge     1st                   Bobi Kelley                                            Sedro-Woolley         
                                            Cascade Cupcake” 24 x 24

                     2nd                  Jan Sager                                           Mount Vernon
                                            “Farm Fresh” 23.5 x 21.75            

                     3rd                   Sharyn Erickson                                 Mount Vernon
                                            “Chicken Soup” 24 x 22

Miniature      1st                   Chris Weems                                        Mount Vernon
                                            “Itty Bitty Primitive” 11 x 11

                    2nd                   Barbara Eades                                  Sedro-Woolley
                                            “Autumn on the Mountain Loop Highway”  11 x 8.5

                    3rd                   Sylvia Miles                                       Sedro-Woolley
                                           “Miniature Log Cabin” Made by Pracilla Harrington,
                                            owned by Sylvia Miles

Other            1st                  Leilani Morrison                                Mount Vernon
                                           “Dress – Child’s”

                     2nd                  Nancy Green                                    Sedro-Woolley
                                            “The Patchwork Girl of OZ” (dress)

                    3rd                  Beth Miller                                        Sedro-Woolley
                                           “Autumn Splendor/Table Runner”  18 x 44

Celebrity Judges’ choices:
Oliver Hammer Staff chose “Savanna” by Bonita Yeager (an elephant)
Allelujah Business Services staff chose “Henhouse Retreat” book by Sharyn Erickson.

The 2013 Raffle quilt was won by Clay Learned of Sedro-Woolley.
His ticket was randomly selected by Jenna Celestine, 11 years old, of Camano Island. 

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