Monday, June 3, 2013

Blast of Bubbles - attendance numbers!

Our total number of attendees for Blast of Bubbles is in!  With paid admissions, volunteers, WFQ members, and our guests counted, the total attending was 702! 

Down a little from our 2010 high of 730, but solid, nonetheless!

Thanks to everyone who came to appreciate our quilting obsession, and we hope you had a GREAT time.

A common question - Where will the quilt show be next year?  The answer is - We don't know right now!  We are pretty much homeless at the moment, as neither of these two buildings are available to us next year. 

But the quilt show has really become a fixture in this town full of quilters, and we'll figure out where the show can be so we can have another weekend of fun!

Blast from the Past dates have been set for 2014 - June 6-7-8; the first "full" weekend in June.

Get it on your calendar and get to quilting!  Let's make it the best year ever!

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  1. Great posts Judy. :- )
    Thanks for keeping us updated on show events!