Friday, May 31, 2013

Woolley Fiber Quilters present our first-ever "bed turning"!

An exciting new feature of our quilt show this year is a "bed turning"!!

We have set up a beautiful bed in the 817 Metcalf building and layered on some exquisite vintage quilts.  Our experts will reveal these quilts to you in a brief presentation at 12 noon and 2 p.m. every day of the show! 

Come on in and sit to watch - we have information about the traditional patterns and the histories of each quilt to share with you.  What a great way to learn about quilting and to enjoy the talents of those quilters who have come before us.  Then proceed on into the show and find out what your quilting neighbors and friends have been up to!!


  1. I love the quilt featured in this photograph. Nice job! I'm hoping to make it to the quilt show as I missed it last year.

  2. My Grandmother Russell embroidered those pillowcases, how nice to have them out of the cedar chest and looking so beautiful on display!