Friday, May 24, 2013

PR and access to Sedro-Woolley for Blast of Bubbles Quilt Show!

We had an incident last night that no one could have predicted - the Interstate-5 bridge over the Skagit River collapsed, making a catastrophic break in the major traffic artery for Skagit County.  The WA State Department of Transportation and a host of other agencies are looking for ways to reroute the 71,000 cars that typically pass through Skagit County on I-5 during any average day.  So how can you get to the quilt show?

Coming from the north, everything is the same!  Just take Exit 232 off I-5 and go east to Sedro-Woolley.  During Blast from the Past the three blocks along our main street, Metcalf, will be blocked off for the street fair - the quilt show is at the south end of the three-block area.  There is lots of parking in the municipal lots so just find one and settle in!

Coming from the south - take any of the recommended detours off I-5 that route you over to State Route 9.  SR 9 comes to Sedro-Woolley!!  When you reach West State Street (there's a traffic light) turn right and go east until you see the quilt show!  About 6 blocks - roughly.  You'll go over railroad tracks.  One of our locations is kitty-corner from Wells Fargo Bank.  Easy!

With traffic being so fierce as we try to get used to the "new normal" (and until we get a new bridge), a quick trip to Sedro-Woolley for the Blast of Bubbles Quilt Show and Blast from the Past festival is just what you need!  Lots of home town fun, close to you and full of friendly local people.

MANY thanks to Allelujah Business Center for once again allowing us to hang our quilt show banner right in front of their store entry!  We are so lucky to have a great copy center, mailbox rental, and shipping services right in our own downtown!

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