Friday, May 31, 2013

Blast of Bubbles - day one is done!

We inspired a LOT of people today at the Blast of Bubbles quilt show! 

Local quilters are exhibiting well over 250 quilts at our show - so big it takes two buildings to hold it!  And we have lovely vendors, People's Choice voting, a boutique, and a bed turning! 

Before I go any farther, I want to say HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE ALL THE ATTENDEES WHO CAME TO SEE OUR SHOW!!  In the first rush this morning were folks from Anacortes, San Juan Island, La Conner, and other places outside of Sedro-Woolley where they really had to brave some detour traffic to get to us.  So we are TRULY APPRECIATIVE of how much our regional neighbors are supporting Blast of Bubbles and we hope we can show each of them a great time!!

Speaking of that bed turning, it was a BIG HIT!!!  Held at noon and 2 p.m., Londa and her crew showed a growing crowd some breathtaking vintage quilts and told stories about each one.  And our bed turning has an added bonus!  Vintage quilts on a DOLL BED!!!  You heard it here - I think Sedro-Woolley is FIRST IN THE NATION with a big bed and a doll bed in our bed turning exhibit.  Aren't we?  We'll claim it!

Tomorrow we are planning another exciting day for you!  Additional bed turnings at 12 and 2, the last of the People's Choice voting (turn in your ballots by 1 p.m.!), drawing for the winner of our 2013 raffle quilt at 4 p.m., and a LOT of great quilts for your appreciation!
If that weren't enough...the Blast from the Past festival is in full swing.  There are 75 street vendors, including pony rides (in front of our 829 building!) and Thompson's Greenhouse in their usual spot at the intersection of Metcalf and Ferry.  
At noon, the annual contests for kids AND adults begin at Hammer Heritage Square (look for Sedro-Woolley's iconic clock tower) - these are old fashioned contests like pie eating, hula hooping, and jump roping!  Yes, tomorrow the Jump Rope Champion of the Adult Division will be crowned for 2013!  Will it be Kymbr Self again?  Or will the smackdown between David Bricka and Jason Miller reveal a new champ?  What about dark horse challengers?  The whole town is on tenterhooks about this.  
Today was the dress up contest day among the local businesses with 1963 as the theme.  I just loved the outfits featuring pink pillbox hats!  I remember when Jackie Kennedy made those pillbox hats popular.  I was too young to wear one then...but maybe now...
So your old friends, new friends, neighbors, and a lot of quilters are waiting for you in our home town downtown tomorrow.  All on Metcalf Street in Sedro-Woolley!!

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