Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Quilt show setup - day one of two

Did you know that it takes two days to set up our quilt show?  We are getting good at this, but it still takes TWO days to take in all of the quilts, retrieve and stage all of the quilt stands (thanks, Fidalgo Island Quilters!), and mark out spaces for:  vendors, the boutique, the bed turning, special exhibits, demonstrations, and the area where we will WELCOME you to the show! 

On day two we will hang the quilts and the vendors will create their wonderful booths.  And we'll do a lot of last minute stuff which involves running around and making adjustments.  Just in time for the show to open Friday morning at 10!

So here are some photos of a FEW of the people who worked hard from 9 a.m. this morning until 7 p.m. tonight:

See you Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Blast of Birds!!

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  1. Hardest working quilters anywhere and their devoted spouses. Great day of work. Together we are WFQ.