Wednesday, July 19, 2017

People's Choice Awards: Our 2017 quilt show winners!

EVERYONE is a winner who finished a quilt and took the time to enter it in the show.  But the People's Choice awards are determined by voting of the attendees.  And here are the results!

Ribbon                                   Quilt Name                                             Owner’s Name      
Judge’s Choice                       Grandma’s Coral Flower Garden            Judy Johnson
Al Chandler, Truck Vault, Sedro-Woolley

Judge’s Choice                       White & Gray & Black All Over               Thelma Lewis
Pola Kelley, Sedro-Woolley Chamber of Commerce

Judge’s Choice                       Wanda’s “Chics”                                      Wanda Hinds
Pr. Rachel Wangen-Hoch, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Sedro-Woolley

Grandma's Children of the World by Dianne Lowe

Large Category
1st                                            Grandma’s Children of the World           Dianne Lowe
2nd                                           Mariners Compass                                  Kathleen Wragg-Baker
3rd                                            Fancy Feathers                                       Pat Anderson
HON MENTION                      Elmer                                                       Virginia Thogersen
HON MENTION                      Birthday Pinwheels                                  Judy Steen
HON MENTION                      Daydreaming                                           Cindy Holzer
HON MENTION                      Polynesian Star                                       Sandi Beatty
HON MENTION                      Burlington-Edison HS                             Linda Stearns
HON MENTION                      New York Beauty                                    Debra Phillips

Medium Category
1st                                            Glacier Star                                             Kathleen Wragg-Baker
2nd                                           Bullseye                                                   Louise Harris
3rd                                            Onion, onion, where art thou                  Noni Moody
HON MENTION                      The Forest Has Eyes                              Emily Hamblen
HON MENTION                      Japanese Garden                                   Judy Garrison
HON MENTION                      Circles Two                                             Dianne Lowe
HON MENTION                      Stars Galore                                            Thelma Lewis
HON MENTION                      Vacationing Snowmen                            Dianne Lowe

Small Category
1st                                            Skagit Valley Dreams                             Kathleen Wragg-Baker
2nd                                           Cityscape 1                                             Charlotte Furchert
3rd                                            Fire on the Mountain                               Lori Stiles
HON MENTION                      Peony Pleasures                                     Pat Anderson
HON MENTION                      Repetition #6: purple purple                   Louise Harris
HON MENTION                      Flowers for Gus                                       Raychelle Stern

Extra Small Category
1st                                            The Early Bird                                         Jean Markus

Theme Category
1st                                            Unusual Aviary                                        Butch Stearns
2nd                                           Henhouse Calendar Chicks                    Sharyn Erickson
3rd                                            Grandma’s Gift                                        Erik Lowe
HON MENTION                      Eagle with Salmon                                  Virginia Thogersen
HON MENTION                      Birdy go Ring Around the Basket            Sharyn Erickson
HON MENTION                      Fields End                                               Natalie Hunskor
HON MENTION                      Zelda                                                       Sandi Beatty
HON MENTION                      Birds of a Feather                                   Julie Anderson

Youth Category
1st                                            Rubix                                                       McKenna Melder
2nd                                           Whispering Meadow                               Aleah Melder
3rd                                            Rue’s First Quilt                                       Rue Schoenberger
HON MENTION                      Mama’s Quilt                                           Kylee Goodro

Prudence and Mabel by Carol Walker

“Other” Category
1st                                            Prudence and Mabel                               Carol Walker
2nd                                           Who Let the Cows Out                            Jennifer Adams
3rd                                            Lizzie Lotta Fun Doll                               Carol Walker
HON MENTION                      Foundation Pieced Jacket                       Raychelle Stern
HON MENTION                      Frenemies                                               Gloria Burke

Birthday Challenge Category
1st                                            Kiku                                                         Noni Moody
2nd                                           Judy’s Birthday Challenge                      Judy Garrison
3rd                                            2017 WFQ Birthday Challenge               Judy Johnson
HON MENTION                      Minnie Pearl                                            Carol Torset

“Holiday” Category
1st                                            We’re Going to Miss You                        Dianne Lowe
2nd                                           Let it Snow                                              Thelma Lewis
3rd                                            Christmas Holiday                                   Butch Stearns
HON MENTION                      Snow Day, Sew Day                               Natalie Hunskor            

A special thanks to Butch Stearns and Noni Moody for creating our ribbons!

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