Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Quilt Show Registration forms!

Here are the quilt show registration forms, as stored on Google Docs.  We recommend that you download one or both files and use the one that works best on your computer.  The MS Word doc looks a little screwy because Google Docs doesn't display it the same way MS Word does.  But the PDF doc should look fine.
Registration form as a pdf doc:


Registration form as an MS Word file:

Hard copies of the registration forms are also available at Cascade Fabrics.

Everyone is welcome to enter quilts in our show.  You don't have to be a Woolley Fiber Quilters member and there is no charge to enter.  (But we'd love it if you join!)
We only ask that you don't enter quilts that have been in our show in any previous year.
Please read the registration form carefully and:
  • Measure your quilt accurately.
  • Choose a category for your quilt.  Our theme is "Blast of Birds" so if there are birds on your quilt you can select the "Theme" category.
  • If you would like to offer your quilt for sale, we are happy to mark it with your price and take payment through our Member Boutique.  WFQ commission is 15% of total.  Payouts take place in the 10 days following the show.
  • You MUST include a photo of your quilt or quilt top.  You can print it on the back of your registration form or on a separate sheet.  Be sure it is labeled with your name if it is separate.
  • You MUST have a 4" hanging sleeve on the top of your quilt if it is a "medium" or "large" size.  To make the sleeve, cut a piece of fabric 11" wide by the length of your quilt top edge, sew it into a tube, and baste it securely to the top edge on the back. Smaller quilts will be pinned to sheets for display.
  • Apply a SEWN label to your quilt with your name.
  • Submit your registration form(s) - one for each entry - BY JUNE 28, 2017.  EARLIER is better.   Mail to Woolley Fiber Quilters,  PO Box 655, Sedro-Woolley WA  98284 or drop off at Cascade Fabrics, 824 Metcalf Street in Sedro-Woolley. 
  • Bring your quilt(s) to Cascade Fabrics on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  It takes a little time to accept your entries so plan to stay until you have all your quilts matched with registration forms and you have your receipts.  This is the ONLY day for quilt drop-off.
  • We set up everything on Thursday, July 13th and the show opens on Friday the 14th at 10 a.m. 
  • Your quilts will be available for pick up on Sunday, July 16th, from 4:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  This is the ONLY time for quilt pick up.  Please be on time.  Bring your receipts from drop-off day.
  • We welcome you to volunteer to assist at our show!  Please check the volunteer schedule at Cascade Fabrics or contact us via Facebook.   
Finally, please encourage your friends to enter their quilts and encourage everyone to attend the show!  Our new venue at Cascade Middle School allows us 10,000+ square feet of quilting delights!  We are working hard to bring you the BEST SHOW EVER and we know you and your friends will be inspired and impressed by quilting in Sedro-Woolley and Skagit County!

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    Just a reminder that quilt drop off is July 12 at Cascade Middle School,NOT Cascade Fabrics. 10:00 AM to 7 PM. Parking lot is off McGarigle, first driveway on right.