Monday, June 6, 2016

Blast of Baskets - our Bed Turning was a Blast!!

The 2016 "bed turning" was full of quilting education with some fun thrown in!  Teri had an idea this year - that we could show a vintage quilt and its modern cousin, with a little of the history of the pattern and of each quilt.  So off we went into quilt history-land, with Teri leading the way and Londa and Noni as quilt-holders.  The bed turning was held twice each day of the three-day show and the audiences were always full!  From Dresden Plate to Arrow Star to Double Wedding Ring,  you're sure to see some of your favorites! 

Thanks to the quilters who loaned us their vintage treasures and who made the modern cousins for our great display!

Starting with a BASKET quilt for our theme, Blast of Baskets!

Double Wedding Ring

Arrow Star, Beautiful Star, and other names for this popular block.

Dresden Plate


Finally, the adventures of Sunbonnet Sue!

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