Thursday, May 26, 2016

Building prep for Blast of Baskets!!

Today we cleaned the building where our show will be next week!  No one wanted to clean it over the holiday we picked today.  Everything is now spic and span and smells like disinfectant!  We had a great turnout - only a few are pictured below - and the work was done from bathrooms to floors to windows in about two hours!  Thanks to every one who came. 

We are so ready for Blast of Baskets to begin!!

Here is our quilt show venue - all under one roof!

Emily vacuums with determination!

Londa made room for the vacuum!  Vroom!

Jennifer was smiling until I told her to look serious. 

Kimberly and Judy O did windows!  And many things...
Linda volunteered to work in the bar...

There were break periods.  With donuts. 

And, of course quilting on site!
Creating the right atmosphere for Blast of Baskets!

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