Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blast of Farms begins! Quilt Turn-In Day is over!

We checked  and packaged for transport all of the quilts for our show today!  Beginning at 9 a.m. at Cascade Fabrics, we started with a little training for the volunteers, checking in the volunteers' quilts for practice, and then we were off and running with our exhibitors!

Our registrar, Ginny, is a GENIUS.  Everything went smoothly and she is able to print any reports we need from MS Access.  And she has a team of helpers who are just as attentive to detail.  THANKS to her for the great day!

One glitch...we didn't have enough boxes!  But a friend saved the day, as you will see below.  

What a great show this will be!  Something to inspire everyone.  Be sure to come to Blast of Farms!

Getting started!
Making sure everything is correct!

Checking and rechecking.

Last-minute photographs of quilts!
Good teamwork!


A few of the dedicated team members!
Last minute form completion!
Scott from Oliver Hammer saves the day with more big boxes!

Hey!  The rest of us are inside, working!!


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