Sunday, May 4, 2014

If you decide to donate a quilt to a Veteran's organization - read this!

During the 2014 show, some exhibitors plan to donate their quilt to a Veteran's organization.  This is an option and we applaud those quilters who have made this such a great part of "Blast of Freedom"!

Here are the current standards, as we are aware of them, for the two Veteran's organizations with local ties.  If you plan to donate yours to another organization or Veteran's hospital, contact them for their specifications.

American Hero Quilt Standards:
·        Quilts should be made from 100% good quality cotton.
·        Quilts should be approximately 63x87 inches. We find that many of the soldiers need the extra length and width to keep warm.
·        The quilts should be red, white and blue fabric.
·        Backs should be 100% cotton and 10 inches larger on each side. For example: If the quilt top measures 63x87 inches, the back should be 73x97 inches.
·        Please don't use beige or white fabrics on the back. Many of our injured soldiers have open wounds which can cause stains.
·        Binding should be cut 2 1/2 inches wide, at least 300 inches in length, and sewn diagonally rather than straight across.

Quilts of Valor:
·        Use high quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric appropriate for an adult.
·        Top: Recommended 60”x80”; minimum 55”x65”
·        Backing 4 to 5 inches larger on all four sides.
·        Use straight cut or bias double fold binding; join binding pieces with diagonal seams.
·        Apply neatly by hand or machine.
·        Machine or hand quilting in an appropriate design. (Free hand, pantograph or computer guided patriotic or generic designs.)
·        Balanced stitches of uniform size. (5-7 stitches per inch if quilted by hand; 8-12 stitches per inch if by machine.)
·        Low-loft quality batting. (Cotton, 80/20, or poly from Pellon, Warm Company, Hobbs or Quilter’s Dream.)
·        Label must say Quilt of Valor and included a blank for name of recipient.
·        Label should include first names of piecer(s) and quilter(s) and state.
·        You may include a note to the recipient.
·        Make a coordinating pillowcase or bag in which to place your quilt. (Required)

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