Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blast of Color - time to register your quilts!

As the Blast of Color quilt show approaches, so do deadlines!

Quilt registration forms are due May 16, 2011 at Cascade Fabrics in Sedro-Woolley. Or give them to Teri Bever or Peggy Toyne, who are the Registration Divas.

Quilt turn-in day is May 31 at Cascade Fabrics.

Need to mail a form? Mail it to Peggy Toyne at the address listed on the form.

Need a form? There are lots at Cascade Fabrics and an electronic copy (MS Word format) has been sent to every WFQ member - plus a few more people! Ask any member to e'mail it to you!

A photo of your quilt MUST accompany the registration form! This is pretty standard in quilt shows. An easy way to do it is to print a digital photo on the BACK of your completed form. Then they'll never be separated! If you have a separate photo, be sure to put identifying info on the back of it so we can match it to the form if they become separated.

Quilt not quite done? You can take a photo of the "top" and submit it with the form on May 16th. Then finish the quilt by turn-in day!

Each quilt MUST have a hanging sleeve on the back (at the top...) that is at least 4 inches high and runs the length of the quilt. See form for details. This is also a standard feature in quilt shows.

Choose one category for your entry. Categories this year are:

Large - those quilts over 200 inches in circumference
Small - those quilts that are 41 inches to 199 inches in circumference
Miniature - those quilts that are 1 inch to 40 inches in circumference
Theme - any quilt that you want entered under our theme, "Blast of Color"
Challenge - any quilt that you want entered as meeting the rules for our special challenge (see previous post)
Youth - any quilt made by a person UNDER 19 years of age
Other - this category is for anything that is not described above - probably totes, wearables, pillows, and other fiber creations that are not quilts with a measurable circumference

These categories are for the "People's Choice" voting that will take place on Friday and until 2 p.m. on Saturday. Votes will be tallied after 2 p.m. and winners announced at 3 p.m. when we'll also pin the ribbons on the winners!

We also have three Very Important Celebrity Judges from the community who will each choose a favorite and a ribbon will be awarded for Judges' choices, too.

Winners receive a handcrafted award ribbon and glory!

We'll use the entry forms to begin the process of laying out the show, so it's critical that you turn in your forms by the deadline. If you have questions, ask Peggy (her number is on the form).

All quilters are welcome to enter! Please show your quilts with pride! Don't worry about your skill level or competing with others. This show is for FUN, which is why we also have the People's Choice voting. That makes it fun for quilt-appreciators, too!

Thanks for participating! Last year the quilt show was the talk of the town and we want to show everyone what we have been doing all during this LONG winter!!

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