Wednesday, May 24, 2023

"Journeys" - Woolley Fiber Quilters present 2023 Quilt and Fiber show!


Woolley Fiber Quilters (WFQ) are preparing for the upcoming “Journeys” Quilt and Fiber Show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 14, 15, 16, in Sedro-Woolley at Cascade Middle School. At this annual show, local crafters plan to exhibit 300 quilts and fiber art pieces. 

The show also features quilt supply vendors, a member boutique, demonstrations, kids’ scavenger hunt, a raffle quilt, and a large variety of quilts for viewing and inspiration. The popular “bed turning” presentation will return, highlighting traditional quilts and their “modern” versions.

The 2023 show’s Featured Quilter is Teri Bever, an accomplished quilter, needleworker, fiber art teacher, and certified quilt judge.

One of only three non-juried quilt shows in Skagit, Whatcom, and Island Counties during 2023, the WFQ Show strives to be a true community quilt show with fun for everyone. 

The group selects a theme for each year and is using “Journeys” for the 2023 theme. Entries are associated with a category for the purpose of People’s Choice voting; as in previous years, attendees are invited to vote for their favorites in each category and the people’s favorite quilts will be awarded ribbons on Saturday afternoon. 

Quilts must be preregistered to be exhibited in the show; registration forms are available at Cascade Fabrics in Sedro-Woolley, via the group’s blog site, or from any member. All local quilters are invited to exhibit quilts.  The deadline for submitting registrations is June 30.

This year's raffle quilt uses the traditional “garden fence” quilt block in blue and cream, creating a pathway to complement the show’s theme of “Journeys”.

From its inception in 2010, this show has been popular with Sedro-Woolley’s various summer celebrations.

We are indebted to our community for their support of our show and their help in extending an invitation for all to attend. Sponsors include Country Meadow Village, Cascade Fabrics, Threadmongers, Learned Commercial Inc., Quilters by the River, Above and Beyond Quilting, SaviBank, Shelley’s Shack, The Garage CafĂ©, BYK Construction, and Janicki Industries.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

2023 Quilt and Fiber Show registration open NOW!

We are ready for your registrations!  

Our show, titled "Journeys", promises to be another spectacular event!

The registration form is available on Google Docs.  Just follow the links. 

Here is the form in MS Word:

    Please note that you cannot complete this form online.  Download a copy.

We are unable to post this form in pdf format.  Google Docs is not able to convert the formatting.  If you need a pdf copy, ask one of the people listed below. 

Deadline is June 30 but PLEASE send in  your registration forms ASAP!  Last minute keying is hard on our faithful registrars!  Earlier is better!

There are lots of categories so that we can award lots of ribbons!  Read the details and choose the best category for your entries.  Yes, you can enter more than one or two items and yes, you can enter the show even if you are not a member!

The form lists the e'mail address we use to receive the forms.  You can also drop off a hard copy at Cascade Fabrics or mail a hard copy to the address on the form. 

    Entries in the show do not qualify for free admission; volunteers get free admission and you are also welcome to volunteer!

You can get hard copies at Cascade Fabrics, or ask Judy Garrison, Judy Johnson, or Teri Bever to send you an e'mailed copy.  MS Word format and PDF format are available.

See you at the quilt show!

Friday, January 13, 2023

Woolley Fiber Quilters 2023 quilt show!

Our amazing quilt show for 2023 will again be in July!

More information will be available here as we reveal our challenge theme and other special features of the show. 

Yes, we will have a fun activity for kids!

So get this on your calendar and be ready for quilty fun!

Woolley Fiber Quilters
July 14-15-16
Admission $5
Cascade Middle School, Sedro-Woolley

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

WFQ 2022 winners!

We have a lot of categories so we can give out a lot of ribbons!  Not kidding. 

All of our winners are the result of People's Choice voting (except the Judge's Choice) and our attendees take voting very seriously!

We awarded a total of 89 ribbons - for first, second, third, and honorable mention places (multiples of those), and also "Judge's Choice" ribbons awarded by our panel of Celebrity Judges. 

Here is a collection of photos of only the first place winners in each category - we had 300+ quilts entered in the show and 89 ribbons so these are the top winners.  We encourage everyone who entered, ribbon or not, to post photos of their quilts on their Facebook page!

This blog post will be shared to the Woolley Fiber Quilters Facebook page, as well. 

Thanks to everyone who entered and to everyone who voted!  All the quilts in the show reflected the artistry and care of each quilter.  We loved them all!

1st place - Challenge - Fantasy Fish by Linda Dills. 

1st place - Extra Large - Reunion by Judy Garner

1st Place - Extra Small - A Quilt for Baby Doll by Jeannie Cossette

1st Place - Fiber Art - Rooster being Circled by Sharyn Erickson

1st Place - Holiday - Starry Day by Virginia Learned

Judge's Choice/Merrily Farrell - Northwest Grandeur by Nancy Oemick

Judge's Choice/SaviBank - Perfect Form by Julie Anderson

Judge's Choice/Country Meadow Village - Summer Salute by Judy Johnson

Judge's Choice/Police Chief Dan McIlraith - Woodland Creatures by Linda Dills 

1st Place - Large - Poppies Floating under the Sea 
Entered by Anita McFarland on behalf of Edythe McFarland

1st Place - Medium - Playing with Taupes by Dianne Lowe

1st place - Other - No Place Like Home Pillow by Natalie Hunskor

1st Place - Patriotic - My 4th of July by Dianne Lowe

1st place - Small - Bursting in Bloom by Betty James

1st Place - Teen - Rue's Original by Rue Schoenberger

1st Place - Theme - Dolphin Duo by Peggy Coburn

1st Place - Youth - My first Quilt by Molly Collins

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Woolley Fiber Quilters' Bed Turning at the quilt and fiber show!

Perhaps our most popular feature of our shows is the Bed Turning!  Teri Bever chooses a theme and collects quilts to illustrate her theme.  The quilts are layered on a charming old bed and two assistants hold them up and turn them back as Teri talks about the history of the pattern, any construction techniques that are interesting, fabrics used, and tells about the quilter.  In this collection you will see interesting patterns, contrasts, and some glorious wool fabric that all but glows in the quilt.  So much fun and educational!  

Most but not all of the quilts this year were provided by our Featured Quilter, Reynola Pakusich!

Teri holds the bed turning twice each day at the show and it is always well attended.  Here is the sequence of photos from 2022 and you will wish you were there!

Thanks to Teri and her team for sharing so many GREAT quilts this year!

Day three - is this the best day to come to the quilt and fiber art show?

It's cool and fresh outside! The perfect day to come to the Woolley Fiber Quilters' show at Cascade Middle School! Also, this is day 3 of 3 and you want to be sure to see the show before it closes today at 4 p.m.!

We have so much to see and experience - frankly, it's the best show we have ever had. 300+ quilts on display, plus our Featured Artist quilts by Reynola Pakusich and the bed turning! Demonstrations - want to learn about weaving? - Dorset Buttons, fiber art pieces, vendors, scavenger hunt for the kids, and the People's Choice voting results are announced today! Will you win our fabulous raffle quilt?

We open at 10 and the bed turnings are at 11 and 2. It's time to enjoy a day at the quilt show! And bring friends!

THANKS to everyone who has attended and enjoyed the show so far. We are thankful for your participation and your compliments!

Day two - so much fun in store!

We are having a lot of fun at the Woolley Fiber Quilters' 2022 quilt and fiber art show!  

Have you noticed how quilters love animals?  On quilts, as quilt helpers, and in every way!

Here are just a few CATS on quilts but you will find so many more. 

Speaking of finding, we have a scavenger hunt for the young and young at heart! 

Always multiple reasons to come to the quilt and fiber art show!  10 to 5 Saturday.